Upcoming launch of Mara Chain

Mara, Africa’s ultimate digital finance ecosystem, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of Mara Chain, an Ethereum-supported Layer 2 network, powered by its own network Mara token, and designed to make it easier and more affordable for developers to build decentralized applications (dApps). Mara Chain’s goal is to be secure, scalable, and developer friendly.

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The blockchain industry is becoming one of the necessary utility infrastructures every country will absolutely need, similar to electricity or internet.

Many opportunities exist in Africa to use blockchain as a leapfrog technology with widespread utility for African people. Mara Chain delivers to African’s the infrastructure needed to build our own homegrown solutions.

- Chi Nnadi, CEO and Co-Founder of Mara

The Mara chain offers a range of features and tools, and is complemented by the developer APIs, comprehensive documentation, and a user-friendly interface. It allows developers to experiment with the effectiveness and scalability of the Mara Chain using the TestNet while the chain is still in development.

Here’s what developers can expect

These attributes and accompanying resources will empower developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (aApps) on Mara’s blockchain network, fostering innovation and encouraging the growth of the ecosystem.

Fast sub-second finality as transactions are finalized quickly, which is ideal for financial applications and other use cases that require real-time updates, such as sharing data or registering asset ownership

Low gas fees making Mara Chain more affordable, efficient, and accessible for users. While using Mara Chain, customers will be empowered to execute more transactions, save on transactional fees, and enjoy a better, more transparent experience in comparison to some of the more traditional banking options.

The future Mara token will be used to pay Mara Chain transactional fees, removing direct dependency on Ethereum blockchain gas cost for the end-user.

Additional real-world use cases of Mara Chain can include easy access to DeFi, NFT’s Marketplaces, micro-payments, and gaming, to name a few.

Permissionless interoperability with other Optimistic Rollups and EVM chains.

In addition to providing a robust testing environment, Mara is actively seeking feedback from the developer community and partners to ensure continuous improvement and refinement of the platform. By actively engaging with users, Mara aims to strengthen collaboration and create a supportive ecosystem that nurtures the growth of blockchain applications. There are tangible rewards, bounty grants and development grants, for those who work tirelessly to advance and enhance the capabilities of the Mara Chain.

As Mara progresses towards the launch of its chain, the first-ever project focused on Africa’s ecosystem development, it anticipates expanding its user base, forging strategic partnerships, and attracting developers keen to harness the potential of blockchain technology. NITDA, Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency, has applauded the progress of the Mara TestNet.

To learn more about the Mara TestNet, contact us here.